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We collect information from reputable sources, but we make no promises about the completeness, timeliness, or accuracy of the information we store and display. For example, we:

  • Gather some data from historical sources, which may have gaps common to any historical record;
  • May not be able to access all updates from the original sources, so a trial may be listed as ongoing after it has closed, or may not list all outcomes of the trial; and
  • Gather information from formats that may not perfectly preserve the original information, such as databases that contain scans of PDFs.

If you’re aware of such an issue, we invite you to submit corrections to us! We will attempt to correct it when possible.

We do not endorse the scientific, clinical, or ethical aspects of the trials we publish.

The information we publish is not a recommendation to use a particular medicine or participate in a particular trial. If you have questions about a particular treatment, please consult a healthcare professional.

Content and intellectual property

Using content from this site

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  • Content we create, or which contributors submit directly to us, is offered under the Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication (usually called "CC0"). However, we encourage you to give appropriate credit to OpenTrials and OpenTrials contributors. For more details, see the full text of the license.

In addition, when using this data, we encourage you to:

  • Note the date you retrieved the data from us; and
  • Describe any modifications you made to the data.

Giving your content to us

If you contribute your data or content to us, for example by uploading it to our data contribution page, then you agree to license that content to the public under the Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication (usually called "CC0"). We will encourage others to attribute the material to you, as described in the previous section.

If you would like to contribute data to us, but cannot agree to the CC0 license, please send us an e-mail at [email protected].

Taking down content

If you believe that any content on OpenTrials is hosted in violation of relevant law, please notify us through this form.

Our software

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General conditions

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